About Our Founder - Retired Colonel Elvis Acosta


Colonel (Ret) Elvis Acosta - U.S. Army, Military Intelligence
and Senior Special Agent for Civilian Federal Law Enforcement

Retired Colonel Elvis Acosta has over 30 years of federal government service experience. His previous experience and accomplishments include:

Senior Special Agent/Polygraph Examiner - U.S. Customs Service (USCS)

  • Served as a technically qualified and certified polygraph examiner through the former Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DODPI).
  • Administered such examinations in the English and Spanish languages.
  • Determined whether subjects were suitable for polygraph examinations by virtue of physical and psychological maladies.
  • Coordinated and furnished overall direction of highly sensitive and complex criminal investigations.
  • Directed junior special agents and conduct specialized training mandated.
  • Provided leadership in such investigative matters as developing facts and evidence, gathering information and intelligence, performing analysis, preparing and executing warrants and preparing detailed investigative reports and oral briefings.
  • Initiated, presided and coordinated highly complex and sensitive criminal investigations, including the following types: Financial, Fraud, Strategic, General and Child Pornography investigations.

Special Agent - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)

  • Independently conducted investigations that encompassed the full range of violations under the laws enforced by ATF.
  • Collected general information and intelligence on individuals or groups suspected of violating the above laws.
  • Conducted investigations related to specific cases involving sources of supply of weapons, explosives, bombs or component parts.
  • Assumed undercover roles to purchase contraband, to observe illegal activities, and to obtain additional intelligence.
  • Developed reliable confidential informants within violation group(s) for the above purpose.
  • Participated in raids, Superior and District Court search and arrest warrants.