Respected by business leaders worldwide, EA Investigative Services (EIS), a subsidiary of ERRII, provides investigative and polygraph services to the federal, state, and local government, commercial and public communities, in a domestic and international environment.

Our specialties include fraud and background investigations, supplier vetting, business intelligence, IT security, and specific issue (civil/criminal), and post-conviction sex offender polygraph examinations. EIS professional team brings sophisticated skills, diverse expertise, and an international network of law enforcement resources to each assignment. Our clients benefit by reducing their liability, increasing the value of their cases, sending out the right message to their employees, lowering their insurance claims, and increasing their bottom line.

Our investigators and polygraph examiners are highly qualified experts with years of experience as U.S. Army (USA), Military Intelligence specialists, criminal investigative senior special agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and US Customs Service (USCS), and other law enforcement expertise from local and state law enforcement agencies. Special Agents and Polygraph Examiners, and other state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as years of experience in the private security industry.

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U.S. Government studies have concluded that polygraph examinations, conducted properly by a qualified examiner, are close to 95% accurate. Polygraph is the most accurate tool available today for determining deception. These statistics do not include "No Opinion" (formerly Inconclusive) results in which No Opinion can be made from the polygraph charts. The polygraph instrument is another viable investigative tool to assist in the determination of one's culpability in an investigation.

Evening and weekend testing is available upon request. Examination results are immediate, and include comprehensive, narrative reports.

Uses and benefits of administering polygraph examinations:

  • Eliminate suspects
  • Recognize false complaints
  • Provide a new "key" to an investigation when all other standard investigative techniques have been exhausted
  • Narrow the focus of inquiry
  • Gather additional information and evidence
  • Assists to focus the investigation on particular suspects


  • Drugs (use, smuggling, sale)
  • Financial
  • Theft/Fraud
  • Confirmatory
  • Post Conviction Sex Offender
  • Testing informants to determine the veracity of information provided


  • Professional misconduct allegations e.g. Doctors, Accountants etc.
  • Testing the veracity of affidavits/statements
  • Investigating malicious and false allegations
  • Unfair dismissals
  • Drug usage by athletes
  • Disputes of fact
  • Sexual harassment claims/allegations


  • Fidelity
  • Pre-marital
  • Sexual Conduct (Adult)
  • Sexual Conduct (Adolescent)


Are you using polygraph examinations in your investigations? Do you use polygraph examinations as part of your pre-employment screening process?
If not, you should be. EIS can provide you with qualified polygraph examiners.


Fraud, embezzlement, internal theft, negligent hiring, and investment schemes, just to name a few, are issues that continue to plague businesses and organizations. Studies by the Department of Commerce, American Management Association, and other organizations estimate that employees steal over a billion dollars a week from unknowing employers. Regardless of how you look at the problem of fraud and theft, both forms pose significant issues with increased costs, potential liability, loss of reputation and trust. Do you really know who you are hiring? What are you doing to prevent or control losses? Do you believe that certain losses are the cost of doing business? What preventive measures do you have in place? Simple questions -- or are they? EIS offers you strong investigative and preventive solutions to mitigate your loss.


  • Fraud/Theft Investigation
  • Prevention/Controls
  • Theft/Loss Recovery
  • Personnel Screening

EIS provides employment related background investigative services for a diverse and rapidly expanding clientele base. This is foremost a risk mitigation service, designed to protect a company's employees, assets and reputation, as well as reduce the risk of liability.

Our aim is to become your trusted and valued partner for all your investigative and protective needs. We offer a range of services to meet your business requirements, and we can develop customized programs to meet your needs.

Why complete background investigations?

  • To reduce your organization's exposure to negligent hiring liability by ensuring that the people you hire, recommend, or place in area of responsibility, are not risks to either the company or other employees.
  • To help your organization hire the most qualified applicants for a position, building a strong organization.
  • To help reduce your turnover by eliminating questionable or unreliable applicants.
  • To improve your organization's overall morale – all employees know that they are working with others that have undergone the same background scrutiny.


This service is useful to determine the general character and trustworthiness of an individual. This investigation will normally ascertain the subject's true identity, residence address, business ownership interests, employer or other income sources. In addition, a thorough search of the subject's civil and criminal background history may be undertaken within the region the subject currently resides or in counties, states or countries of previous residence or travel. The investigation may provide the subject's driving history and personal financial profile including ownership interests such as real property or motor vehicles and liabilities including bankruptcies, civil judgments, notices of default or foreclosure, and state or federal tax liens. A personal background investigation may be fundamental or complex depending upon the subject individual and matters at issue.


EIS is useful to determine the structure and condition of any business, be it a sole proprietorship or multinational corporation. Working with minimal information, EIS will determine the correct business name, size and type, ownership and key executives, facility locations, holdings and interests, business activities and practices; as well as civil litigation, criminal conviction and regulatory compliance histories. Additionally, a business background investigation can identify assets and liabilities; the background of principal officers and directors; or company suppliers, vendors, employees and customers. These investigations are structured to fulfill specific client due diligence requirements for purposes of investment, merger, acquisition, competitor analysis or litigation.


This service is specially designed to ascertain the character and trustworthiness of a potential employee at the line or executive level. This is accomplished by verification of the applicant's personal identification, education, employment history, credit rating, and criminal history, driving record and civil standing. A pre-employment background investigation may be customized to fulfill specific employer needs, such as those dictated by contractual agreement or company policy. These investigations may be basic or extensive as warranted by the pending position and budgetary considerations. A significant reduction in cost may be realized under agreement with multiple requests. Together we will develop the scope of investigation needed. You may choose to customize report scopes based on the job title and associated risk levels. We will implement a screening program to meet your specific needs.

Litigation Support

You can never be too prepared. Gathering facts, obtaining evidence, locating witnesses, interviewing, each case requires diligence and aggressiveness. EIS is a valuable resource to assist you with the necessary support to enhance substantive success. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to offer comprehensive services. Our skilled investigators have the resources, training, and knowledge to aid in litigation support. We have the expertise to get information and most of all we stay current with the ever subtle, complex, and ever changing body of laws governing our industry. Whether you just need to get a factual picture, to turn up evidence for use at trial or later during negotiations, to obtain impeachment material should a witness forget, exaggerate, or completely change his or her story, to elicit admissions – statements, or to provide you with countless other tasks to make your job easier. EIS provides you with the type of results oriented investigations you expect and demand. We offer time-conscious attorneys and firms a wide-ranging list of services and skills.